ADOPTED… Wrangler, STAR # 1440

ADOPTED.. Wrangler,  STAR # 1440

Wrangler will be moving to College Station to live with the Carlson family.. This sweet Aussie will have an 8 year old boy and a STAR sister.. who could ask for more.. ??

Thanks to the transport team of Doug and Julie and many thanks to his foster mom, Jane.





AVAILABLE DOG… Wrangler, STAR # 1440

From Wrangler’s foster mom..

“Wrangler or Bud as I call him, is adorable. He is very smart, sweet, gentle boy and loves everybody especially children
we meet on walks..and those that belong to family and
He walks well on the leash with my two dogs..sandwiched in the middle.
He knows stay, come, sit, off, and is slowly learning down. He uses the doggie door, which he learned the first day. He is anxious being crated, but is learning to tolerate being left in crate when I am away from home. He has gone to doggie day care a couple of times. They love him and his constant tail wagging.
Wrangler would love a family who is home more than away. “

Wrangler is a five year old, 40 lb. blue merle male..When he
arrived in his foster home, it took him some time to adjust to a new space..
This is a cute little dog with some worries about being left alone..
He will have to be crated initially when you leave the house..
Our hope is that Wrangler will adjust more quickly to his
adoptive home.. but to be totally honest, some work may be involved although he has made so much progress..
He would do best with a doggie companion even tho he is a “trip hazard”.. and a person who does not work out of the home..

Keep in mind, although Bud loves children, he does not live with
them and STAR does not adopt to families with kids under five..
Wrangler’s foster home is in N. W. Houston.. If you would like to meet him, please fill out an application or contact STAR if you already have one..







NEW DOG.. Wrangler, STAR # 1440

Forty pound 5 year old blue merle male.. Will be vetted, fostered and evaluated in N. W. Houston.. He should be available sometime near the end of November..