ADOPTED.. Marley II aka Max, STAR # 1421

ADOPTED.. Marley aka Max, STAR # 1349..

Max has found his fourever home.. !!!! He will be living with Susan and Steve in the Woodlands. . and 4 year old Zoey.. who may be nearly as energetic as he is.. We love Max and hope he now will have a great life.. Thanks to Stephanie for the home visit… Many, many thanks to his foster home.. Leslie and Trevor..








AVAILABLE DOG.. Marley aks Max, STAR # 1349

Marley/Max: Hi, I am a 2 ½-year-old 45 lb. handsome boy who is up for adoption to the right family. My foster mom calls me “Maximus” because I take up a massive amount of her heart. She enjoys the constant cuddling I give her and doesn’t mind that I have very little awareness of personal space when she lays down for a nap (I just want to keep her warm!). Everyone that meets me loves me, and that makes me happy. I love other dogs and enjoy having a dog to play with at home. I am happy sharing toys, and I am happy just being happy. Can you tell I am a happy dog?

From Max’s foster mom: Max is a happy, sweet, smart and energetic red merle with a dash of excitement thrown in. He has been bounced around to a few homes in his life, but Max has been resilient and has enjoyed the ride. He walked into our house and was immediately a part of our pack and adjusted seamlessly into our home. He has amazed us how quickly he settled in, and it was like we have always had him in our home! Max is crate trained, house trained and knows commands (sit, lay down, stay, waiting at doors to come through, etc.). He walks well on a leash for us but loves to look around and smell everything. Max loves being out and about to exploring and would benefit having someone who wants to take him out exploring often. He loves other dogs and has enjoyed trips to the dog park, pet stores, and Starbucks.
Max came into our home on Prozac, and from what we can tell it does keep him from wanting to chew on cardboard and counter surf but even off the medicine we haven’t found him to be too crazy. We have equated him with being an energetic, young Aussie and on or off the Prozac he is a great dog. (For any potential adopters this med is refillable at HEB for $8 a month). We know that that might make potential adopters look away and that is ok, but if you are up for meeting him, you won’t regret it. Our family loves this dog and have told STAR we could easily keep him (that is how great he is!). Since he has been in and out of 3 homes (with no fault of his own), we are looking for his FOURever home.

Max lives in Schertz with his foster family.. If you would like to meet Max, please fill out an application on our website.. or if you have one simply contact us..





















NEW OLD DOG… Marley II aka Max, STAR # 1349

Max is back and looking for someone who can keep up.. Max is close to 40 lbs. and is 2-3 years old.. He will be going to foster home/doggie boot camp in Schertz and should be available for adoption near the middle of April..

ADOPTED.. Marley II, STAR # 1421

The perfect family found Marley.. after his last adopter took a job in Norway.. He will be moving to Elgin with the Clifton gang.. He still needs a lot of work but this is a dog-savvy family.. STAR is so grateful and lucky they found us.. Many volunteers have been involved in Marley’s placement.. Deb, Polly and his most recent foster mom, Erica.. We thank you all..


Adopted in March, he’s back thru no fault of his own.. His new dad has an opportunity to work overseas that he was unable to turn down.. Marley is a 40 lb. red merle male.. He is almost two years old.. We will reevaluate him and he will be available some time in the middle of July.. His new foster home is in Houston.

ADOPTED… Marley II, STAR # 1349

Our silly red merle puppy has been adopted and will live in Humble with Cliff and his female cattle dog, Pickle.. Many thanks to Polly for the home visit and to Deb and Jim for fostering Marley..

AVAILABLE DOG.. Marley II, STAR # 1349

“Look deep into my eyes…..”

Do not be fooled by this cute face..!!!

He’s back… Marley was more dog than his previous adopter
was looking for.. He’s not the easy dog to take on your travels..
Maybe next year..
At this time, he is 15 mos. old and 40 lbs., red merle and a whole lot of puppy..
He was reevaluated by his foster home and this is what she wrote..

“Marley is beautiful inside and out. He is very loving and never meets a stranger. He is energetic, playful and eager to please.

The good and the bad:

Easy to teach…he is young so impulse control will need some patience and consistent commands..
BUT he could get bored and destructive (digging or chewing)

Loves his people:
Snuggly; loving; good with kids…
BUT he wants to lick..

Playfully bounds around the yard looking for squirrels (untested on cats)
BUT he may trample down a small yard. No apartments.

Loves to play with toys but loves people more. If he can combine toys and people all the better. He will play tug-o-war and fetch. He will also lay his head in my lap forever as long as I am scratching or stroking his head. He does the Aussie thing of using his nose to pick up my hand to let me know he wants some attention.

Marley will do best with a playmate to keep him busy and tired..
I have seen him play for hours with a female Aussie.
He will need someone willing to give him the exercise and the mental stimulation that he craves.”

Bottom line.. Marley is still very much a puppy and will need an owner that will work with him on a daily basis.. He is a good boy and knows
many commands already..sit, down, off and has a great recall..He has a very sweet temperament..

If you are interested in meeting Marley, please submit an application
or if you already have one contact us.. Marley’s foster home is in Clear Lake..

ADOPTED…. Marley II, STAR # 1349
Forty pound red merle male from the New Orleans Humane Society.. Smart little guy.. is now calling Euless home with his new family, Charley and Gary.. Many thanks to Mack for this home visit and always to Deb and Jim for fostering..
His new name is Ryver.. !!

NEW DOG.. Marley II, STAR # 1349

Eleven month old red merle male from the Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans.. 38 lbs. and fully vetted.. Foster home is in Clear Lake.. Will be evaluated and ready near the end of October..