ADOPTED.. Bubba, STAR # 1446

ADOPTED.. Bubba, STAR # 1446..

Black tri Bubba from the Lufkin shelter has been adopted by Alexis and her female Aussie, Seminole.. Semi loved him immediately.. and they are already great friends..
Thanks to Amy for transport and to Juli and Andrew for fostering.. Thank goodness Bubba has a new name already.. Beaux !!!

Bubba is a tri colored 6 year old male that was dropped off at the Lufkin shelter.  Now that his heartworm treatment is over, he is right at a perfect 42lbs, not too big but not too little – and since he has been eating healthy food, his coat is now super shiny.
Bubba loves everyone…other dogs and people.  He is so smart, super sweet, very well behaved with very good manners….a super relaxed and chill pup. He is crate trained.  Now that he is off exercise restrictions, he only goes in his crate if his foster parents leave the house or when he eats his meals.  He knows when its breakfast or dinner time because he immediately takes position in his crate as soon as he hears the kibble hitting his bowl.  He patiently and politely waits for his bowl to be brought to him and daintily lays down to eat his meal at his own pace.
Bubba can sit and shake .. he also walks easily on a leash.. He loves to run and catch the ball or frisbee in the back yard and appears to be quite agile.  He loves going on walks and is very good on the leash.  He just wants to be loved and loves getting attention.   Anytime Bubba’s foster mom or dad calls for him, Bubba comes running quickly!     When in the mood, Bubba loves playing with his foster brother, Mojo.  They are pretty darn cute together..
Bubba is happy to snuggle on the couch or bed with his human companions if you let him.  He also enjoys variety by sleeping on his dog bed or the bare floor right next to his human companions at night.  If you work from home, Bubba will gladly find a way to get right up under your feet and desk in order to be as close as possible.  He will be a great partner and companion in his forever home!
Bubba’s foster home in near downtown Houston.. There
are no cats or children..
Please fill out an application if you are interested in meeting
Bubba.. or contact us if you already have an application for
NEW DOG.. Bubba, STAR # 1446

Bubba needs a new name and a new family.. He is 42 lbs. and six years old from the shelter in Lufkin.. His foster home will be in Houston.. He should be available around the middle of December..