Introduction to the Adoption Process

South Texas Aussie Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit adoption and referral organization dedicated to placing Australian Shepherds in new loving, supportive homes.  These dogs have previously been abandoned, neglected, or lived in a home that either cannot or will not keep them any longer.

We foster these dogs and evaluate them.  We take care of their medical needs and then diligently strive to place them into caring, loving and permanent homes.

South Texas Aussie Rescue is a volunteer based organization.  Most of our volunteers have full time jobs– as well as family obligations—yet still find the wherewithal to volunteer their time and expertise to our organization.  While every effort is made to handle your adoption as quickly  and efficiently as possible, we do ask your patience because our schedules are often as busy as yours in meeting the demands of busy lifestyles.

If you are interested in adopting an Australian Shepherd through South Texas Aussie Rescue, Inc., then please Click Here to complete an adoption application.  This provides STAR with basic information on your home and what type of Aussie you are interested in adopting.

Should you not hear from us in three to five days after the application was submitted, we encourage you to contact us by e-mail.

Application and Screening Process

Once the application is submitted, one of our volunteers will contact you within a few days to  further discuss the information on the application.  The volunteer will then personally work with  you to further determine what characteristics you are seeking in your next Aussie.  At that time,  the volunteer can discuss with you any dogs that are available in our program.  Your references  will also be checked during the application process. Based on what we learn about your lifestyle,
we will be able to direct you to the best choice(s) for adoption.  Please help us to get to know you  and your family!

Please read :

Letter To Adopters

Home Visit

If there is an Australian Shepherd that your family and our volunteer feels might be a good fit for your home, we will then schedule a home visit.  This home visit helps determine how your family and other pets accept a “newbie” into your home.

The home visit is to not only confirm the information on the application, but to also help determine the best “fit” for your home.  We look at safety issues within the home for your  new Aussie, and we discuss any ideas for the possibility of bringing your newly adopted Aussie home.  We answer any and all questions you have about the adoption process as well as the dog or dogs in which you are interested!


Once the home visit is completed and everything is in place in your home, a member of STAR  will contact you to set up a visit with the Aussie in which you and the volunteer have discussed  as being the best fit for your home.  Should you be interested in several Aussies, then  arrangements will be made for you to meet those you wish to meet.  Once you meet that “right”  Aussie, then your family and the volunteer will determine together the best time for you to bring  your new Aussie home!

Additional Information about adoption

When you and the right dog find each other, South Texas Aussie Rescue, Inc. has an adoption contract for you to sign. A copy will be provided to you at the time of adoption as well as the  dog’s medical records.
Our dogs are adopted out with what are called basic house manners.  These include house and  crate trained if the dog is of age. We also make every effort to correct undesirable behaviors such  as jumping and getting on the furniture.
Our dogs are not obedience trained, nor do we present them as such, so we strongly urge you to  enroll in a clicker training class with your new adoptee within the first month or so of your  adoption.  This will help to shape the behaviors that are important to you and your lifestyle and  to encourage your new Aussie to be the pet you want him or her to be.

When adopting a dog that is in our foster care, South Texas Aussie Rescue, Inc. does ask for a  donation. These donations enable us to continue rescuing and placing Aussies. South Texas  Aussie Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit public benefit corporation and operates solely by donations.  Our minimum donation is $300.  All of our Aussies are fully vetted and micro-chipped.  Should  you wish at any time to donate more funds to help us maintain our mission, these deductions are  tax deductible.

Also, when inquiring about adopting an Aussie, please keep in mind that STAR does not ship  dogs to people sight unseen.  Once a good match is found, and approval for adoption is granted, potential adopters are required to come to where the dogs are located (Houston, TX)  to meet them in person before making their final decision to adopt.  This is not only in the best  interest of the dogs but for the adopters as well.  

We appreciate your consideration and understanding on this matter.

PLEASE NOTE:  At this time, STAR has no foster homes with children.  Therefore, we are unable to assist in placing our dogs with families with young children under the age of 8. We sincerely wish our foster circumstances were different, but at this time, they are not. We only have the few foster homes that volunteer their time and expertise.  Please be aware that we are always in need of foster homes, and continue to “lose” Aussies in the shelters due to lack of foster space.  If you are able to help, please fill out a Foster Application to be a foster home!