ADOPTED.. Sidney, STAR # 1383

Sidney is a very petite, blue merle, spayed, female Australian Shepherd. She is approximately 5 years old and she has bright blue eyes.

This dog is a total lover! She will sit in your lap for hours, snuggle with you in bed and still be ready to go the distance in the life of an active family. She will follow you where ever you go and you will make you smile when she offers to help you clean the floor or load the dish washer. Sidney is crate trained and house broken. She does know a few basic commands like sit and stay. She is very smart and would be great as an obedience or agility dog. Giving her a job will be key. She is a problem solver, so giving her puzzle games helps ease her anxiety and keeps her out of trouble when she is left alone. She is learning to walk on a lead, but prefers a harness to the traditional collar.

Sidney will do best in a home where she is the only dog. She is learning how to be a good pack member, but has not socialized with other dogs so she can be unpredictable in her response to canine friends. She is completely fine with cats and seems to be good with the neighborhood children. She also needs to have some kind of yard. She likes to spend time outside, so having an area that is fenced where she can get rid of some energy would be ideal.

Sidney deserves a loving forever family and is ready for adoption!

Sidney’s foster home is in the Woodlands.. please submit an application if your interested in meeting her..








NEW DOG… Sidney, STAR # 1383

Sidney is a five year old blue merle female saved by a Good Samaritan from life in a backyard.. Only catch, Sidney was not good with the tiny dog in the home .. So STAR has Sidney.. She has been fully vetted and chipped.. Her foster home is in the Woodlands. She should be evaluated and available by the end of February..