ADOPTED .. Panda, STAR # 1280


ADOPTED… Panda/aka Teddy, STAR # 1280..

Not sure why we picked up this dog at MCAS back in October.. he has a million things wrong with him that would not appeal to adopters.. something about the pink feet and the fact that he
had been standing there waiting for five weeks ..
Teddy finally has his forever home with Pam and Leslie in Dallas.. With Robin/aka Quinn, Class of 2013 and doggie sibling Abbie.. He will be well taken care of as Pam is a veterinarian as well as wonderful doggie mom.. STAR and Teddy could not be luckier.. We look forward to lots of updates..
We need to thank Terry and Zee for being such a great foster home for all of these months and getting Teddy to be the best he can be..
We are looking forward to photo of the whole family !!!





ADOPTION PENDING.. Panda/aka Teddy, STAR # 1280

“Seeing a dog like this, be free of a life he never asked for or deserved, heading to one I’m sure he never dreamed of, is ALL that matters.”
His STAR name is Panda but his foster dad calls him Teddy..
We found Teddy at Montgomery County Animal Shelter.. According
to his kennel card he had been there for 5 weeks.. He weighed 36 lbs.
his white feet were pink from standing on wet concrete for so long..We
absolutely could not leave him there..
Teddy is approximately 9 years old..

After three months in foster care, Teddy has gained nine pounds and his coat is looking great..He is quite spry in the morning before breakfast.  He loves to go for short walks and gets very excited when the leash comes out..He has a foster sister that he tries to keep up with.. especially when it comes to getting attention.

He has never met a stranger… person or dog. He can be shy
or just walk right up for his share. Other dogs are not really
interesting. It’s a regal attitude.. they are just not important.
He will tell you when he needs to go outside with a “woof”…and again when he
wants back in.
Teddy eats in his crate and will spend time in there but really
would rather not.


The bad news is Teddy has heartworms, the good news is that xrays showed only minor enlargement of his heart because of the worms.. We are using the slow kill method for Teddy because of his age.. STAR is prepared to supply the treatment he needs for the next year.  Heartgard twice a month and a month of Doxy every three months..He also has some minor hip problems that require glucosomine.

This sweet older dog needs someone to love him, care for
him and give him his medication every day..His frisbee days
are over but he is still here and has a lot of companionship
to offer..STAR is willing to discuss his adoption fee because
we know that Teddy is not a young dog.. but we still want him
to have the perfect home..
If you would like to meet Teddy, please fill out an application.
His foster home is in the Houston Heights.




NEW DOG.. Panda, STAR # 1280..

Older black bi, super skinny at 37 lbs., mildewed feet from standing in water.. FIVE weeks he has been at MCAS and no one called us..Another rescue person sent me a photo.. Sadly he has heartworms, so we will fatten him up and see about treatment.. Already neutered, vaccinated and chipped.  Panda should be ready for adoption near the first of the year..

UPDATE.. 12/17/16

The best news I have on his overall progress is that he now weighs 45.5 lbs!  The addition of a little canned dog food + daily treats have helped.He hasn’t had any more accidents in the house.  He still has some hip issues that we are looking into.. arthritis maybe.  He also has enlarged his preferred “hang out area.”   When the weather was nice he wanted to lay outside on the deck.We’ve encountered a couple of new dogs & people w/o any problems & he gets excited to just “go” wherever or by getting his leash out.

We are slow treating Panda for his heartworms.. We will see how he progresses..