ADOPTED.. Madison, STAR # 1309


ADOPTED.. Madison, STAR # 1309

Too much dog Madison is now in for too much fun !!! She has been adopted by the Chauvin family and will immediately start lessons.. Obedience and agility.. Training and patience are the keys to this girl’s future.. Many thanks to Tracy and her family for fostering and to Sansa for putting up with Maddie..





AVAILABLE DOG…. Madison, STAR # 1309

Madison is an owner turn in..Same old story, “too much dog” when the problem is really a lack of attention and training.. Initially her foster mom called her “Mad Maddie”.. but now she is not longer the clueless dog that entered our program..Thanks to her foster family and the beginning lessons that she is receiving.. Below is the bio written by her foster mom..
“This beautiful 50 lb girl is 17 months old and still thinks she’s a puppy. She is waiting for her forever home, and hopes that her family will spend a lot of time with her, hopefully letting her cuddle with them. She needs to be around her people and she loves to be active. She is getting better on her manners, working on leash skills, waiting to be released before going through a door, and sitting on command, but some days are better than others. She is hoping for a family that will keep working on her obedience with patience and good humor. She loves to fetch her favorite Kong ball, sometimes bouncing after it like a rabbit, and will bring it back and sit for you to throw it again. The trainer says that Maddie has the potential for agility..

If you leave your closet open, she will relocate your shoes, but hasn’t actually chewed any of her foster family’s items. She is crate trained, and sleeps in her safe space every night. She enjoys wrestling with her foster sister and brother and is good with her foster family’s two daughters.”

If you think you could be Maddie’s new home, please send in an application or if you have one already, just contact STAR.. Maddie’s foster home is in SA..

NEW DOG.. Madison, STAR # 1309..
Fifty lb. 14 mos. old black tri female.. Another
“too much dog”.. Will be vetted and evaluated in San Antonio.. Foster home loves her .. already calling her “Mad Maddie”..