ADOPTED… Lucy Luckenbach, STAR # 1305

ADOPTED.. Lucy Luckenbach, STAR # 1305..

Lucy finally has found the perfect home with Ashley and her boy, Dublin (on the left).. Not only is Ashley Aussie-savvy but she is a vet tech and familiar with treatments for Lucy’s allergies..Thanks so much to Lisa and Clint for figuring out how to help Lucy and to Jenna who implemented a plan..




NEW DOG.. Lucy Luckenbach, STAR # 1306.

Lucy has been returned to our program.. While she is very beautiful and would appeal to most adopters, Lucy has some issues that need to be addressed.. Primarily aside from           her tendency to resource guard,  she has some allergies that need to be addressed.                 Everything will be looked at again and Lucy will be available for adoption soon.. At this time, her foster home is with a vet in the Austin area..





ADOPTED.. Lucy Luckenbach, STAR # 1305…

Beautiful Lucy has been adopted by Chris and Cecilia and will live in Smithville.. She will be an only well-loved dog and spend time at the law office..Thanks to Kerri for doing this home visit and to Lucy’s fabulous foster parents, Lisa and Clint for figuring this girl out..




NEW DOG.. Lucy Luckenbach, STAR # 1305..
Lucy is new to our program.. She has some issues we need to sort out.. Lucy may need to be an only dog.. or at least with a very secure dog that will keep her in her place.. She will need to be vetted and evaluated. 55lbs. and 3 years old. Foster home is in New Braunfels.