ADOPTED .. Littlefoot aka Jack

ADOPTED.. Littlefoot/aka Jack, STAR # 1168..

Last but not least of the Trinity boys, Jack is a super special Aussie.. He has finished his heartworm treatment and is ready to begin his new life ..Adopted today by Becky and Trixie.. and will live in Houston.. Thanks to Julie for the home visit and special thanks to Jane and Bill who do an excellent job of providing the perfect foster home..





AVAILABLE DOG.. .. Littlefoot/aka Jack, STAR # 1168

Jack is a 2 year old red tri Aussie. He has adorable freckles on nose.!!! Jack is one of the breeder surrender dogs from Trinity, TX. Considering he had never been in
a home, he has adjusted easily..

Jack is a smart boy.. He picked up leash walking first time out. He sits for food or treats, is learning down, goes in his crate easily for a treat. Jack is house trained and uses the dog door.. He will counter surf if food available. He loves to rough house with his Aussie foster sister.. Since he just completed his heartworm treatment, he has not discovered toys..

His coat is still rough from previous outdoor living but a beautiful color. His coat will soften and darken with more good food and indoor living.. Jack loves people and wants
to be a lap dog.. We don’t know about cats.
One more thing.. Jack does NOT like to get feet wet, yet thunderstorms do not seem to bother him.

Jack is a very loveable Aussie… a good boy that will make a family a wonderful pet..

Jack’s foster home is no N.W. Houston.







NEW DOG.. Littlefoot/aka Jack, STAR # 1168
Two year old 41 lb. Red tri male.. with really cute freckles on his nose.. Sadly, HW+.. Has neuter and vaccainations.. Will be treated for heartworms.. His foster home is in N.W. Houston