ADOPTED.. Levi La., STAR # 1313


ADOPTED.. Levi La., STAR # 1313…

Levi was returned because his new big sister absolutely did not want a brother.. Now he has been snatched up by another waiting application who could not have been more thrilled that he was returned..
Levi fell in love with his new family and we believe the feeling was entirely mutual.. He joins Allysa, Natalie, Mark and Josh to make years of wonderful memories..
Many thanks again to Zee and Terry for fostering Levi initially and then to David and Amy for helping him find his forever home..





Levi has been returned to STAR through no fault of his own.. His
new 8 year old Aussie sister absolutely did not want a brother after multiple
attempts to convince her otherwise..His new family was devastated
but for peace in the home have returned him..
Levi is between 2-3 years and approximately 50 lbs., housebroken, cratetrained, fully vetted and chipped.. and good
with older children..
Below is the bio sent by his foster home:

Levi Bio:

“Levi is an easy and fun dog. He gets along great with our Aussies and he wants to play (not aggressively) with our cats but they don’t trust him. He’s a big goofy puppy whom sometimes lets his legs move independently of his brain and the results are usually catastrophically hilarious. He lumbers around in the swimming pool like he’s drowning on the tanning deck, but LOVES how the water feels.

We are learning boundaries as he likes to greet everyone with a swift nose to the crotch or a wet kiss across your face. He shadows very closely and is like Velcro. He loves positive affirmation through touch. “Good boy” is less effective than a nice pat to the head or scratch on the back.

Leash training continues but this guy is going to make someone a great companion on walks, snuggling on the couch and going anywhere you allow him.

He needs companionship whether human or K-9. Any existing dogs
In the home must be very laid
back and easy going as he approaches everyone with a very trusting and playfully naive nature. He’s a very special boy!”

If you are interested in meeting Levi, please be totally sure that this dog will be a fit for
your home.. He is super smart and easily trained and will make someone a wonderful
companion.. Our STAR Adoption Application can be found on the website.. or Contact
Us if you already have an application..
His foster home is in Georgetown.





ADOPTED.. Levi La., STAR # 1313

Congratulations to Susan and Levi..!!! The day is finally here.. Levi was found in Louisiana running loose.. When he got to STAR he needed a neuter, vaccinations and to be treated for Heartworms.. Susan has trained Aussies in the past and has had her eye on Levi since he arrived. He’s a good boy and will have a great home.. Thanks to Claudia for sending him, to Desiree for transporting him and last but not least to Zee and Terry for taking such excellent care of him..







NEW DOG.. Levi La. , STAR # 1313
Levi was found wandering the streets near Lafayette, La. .. He is 2-3 years old and 47 lbs. with cute freckles and a flag tail.. He is also HW+.. His foster home will be in the Heights.  He should be ready around the first week in June..