ADOPTED.. Rowdy, STAR # 1304

Rowdy has been adopted by the Gillespies from Houston. He will be the center of their universe! Many thanks to David and Amy for fostering Rowdy and especially for being able to give him to his new family..

“Hi!  I’m Rowdy and you probably won’t get to adopt me because my foster mom has fallen madly in love with me and doesn’t want to let me go.  But, if you’re determined to add me to your family, she will consider only the best applicants because I am so special.
Still interested?  That’s a good sign because I’m worth the effort!
My doggie brother and I were surrendered to the shelter when our human couldn’t take care of us any more.  My brother, Randy, was adopted before STAR could take us both, so I’m a little confused and sad about all of these big changes. The Aussie Posse at my foster home welcomed me immediately, but they can be a little overwhelming.  I’m more interested in shadowing the humans…especially the man.  He reminds me of my old life.
The doggie doctor says I’m about 5 years old and in great shape, but I need to get ‘tutored’.  Then, I can graduate to my forever home.  I’m not exactly sure what that’s about, because I’m smart as a whip!  I know several commands and have great house manners. I taught myself how to use the dog door, I only do my dirty business outside, I don’t dig or chew furniture, and I get along great with the other dogs, cats and children.  I do ‘talk’ quite a bit…not so much bark, but I express myself with a whine…especially when the humans leave.  The woman here says I need lots of walks because I am a bit chubby, but I could say the same of her.  I do enjoy the walks, though.”
If you’re the very exceptional, wonderful human my foster mom will like, please send in an application.  I’m ready to belong again!”
Rowdy has been a joy and folded in easily, as he will with anyone.  He would do best in a home where there is a lot of companionship…ideally someone who works from home or is retired as he seems to have a bit of separation anxiety; he does not behave destructively, but he cries when we leave.  He would do well with another dog that isn’t overly dominant, but would also be fine as an only dog as long as he gets plenty of attention.  He has not been crated as it has not been necessary.  He does like to join you on the couch or bed but ultimately, he ends up on the floor nearby.  He is not aggressive with food or territory.  He is completely house trained.  He is not destructive in any way.  He is an absolutely gorgeous, perfect dog.





NEW DOG…Rowdy, STAR # 1304
Rowdy was found at the Williamson County Shelter in Georgetown.. He is approx. 5 years old.., 63 lbs., needs neuter and evaluation.. His foster home will be in Georgetown.