ADOPTED.. Belle La., STAR # 1311

ADOPTED.. Belle La., STAR # 1311

Belle has found the best new home ever with Alaina and her boy, Bentley.. It was love at first site for the new Aussie siblings.. Thanks especially to Taylor for saving Belle.. to the Carpenter’s who fostered and finally to the Hart family who taught Belle about people and other dogs..






AVAILABLE DOG..Belle La., STAR # 1311  Note from her foster mom..

“This is Belle! She is 15 months old and full of energy. She loves to play fetch and run around the backyard. She is very inquisitive and likes to be involved in everything I do. She likes to help me vacuum, do the dishes, and she even waits for me just outside the bathroom door. Velcro is the PERFECT word to describe her! She loves to watch TV with me while sitting on my lap or right at my feet. It is very sweet but it can be a bit overwhelming when I have a lot of things to do. I find that when she gets a good amount of exercise in the morning, she is much calmer and more secure through the rest of the day. Anytime she gets a bit antsy I take her in the backyard to play. Belle definitely needs to have someone home for big portions of the day in order to not get in trouble. She only finds “treasures” around my house when she hasn’t been properly exhausted! She LOVES to snuggle and is very good at it!! She is only 33 pounds, so she is pretty much the perfect size for a lap dog!

Belle is incredibly smart and would be so great at agility or obedience. She is a fast runner and loves to play fetch so fly ball might be a great thing for her as well.

Belle is a very sweet girl to those who give her the time to get used to them. She adores my kids and jumps to greet them every morning. When new people come over, she is wary of them and barks.  Once they have been here for a little while she warms up to them and will happily play fetch with them. I think that taking her on regular walks might help her get used to greeting new people. An obedience class may improve her
confidence.. She is still very young and her experiences going forward will hopefully shape her future more than her past has. She will need someone who is patient and can help her move in the right direction.
In the weeks we have had her here, she has gone from a scared girl who ran away from us, to a happy girl who is right at home. When she first came, she was coming from a situation where she had been crated for long periods of time. We needed to crate her when we left the house and at night and we had to corner her or trick her to get her in the crate. Now, she knows when it is bedtime and goes right in the crate and waits for her treats. She sleeps quietly all night and only barks when she hears my alarm go off in the morning. If I have to leave during the day, she still goes in the crate willingly but I can hear her barking for a few minutes just after I leave. I do not think that she is barking the whole time I am gone and she is not the kind of dog that tries to break out of the crate. I have left her in the crate for 8 hours during the day (only once), and she was great.
She never has accidents in the crate and she has only had one or two in the house. On those occasions she did have an accident, we were playing in the front yard with the kids and she wanted to be out there with us. I do take her outside as soon as I get up in the morning, and it is the last thing I do before I go to sleep at night. I also take her out before I crate her during the day.
An ideal home for Belle would be a stay at home mom, or someone who works from home and can be with her most of the day. She has not been tested with cats, but she is good with kids and other dogs. She is a great girl and we love having her here with us but she really needs to have her forever home so she can be her best!!”
If you think you may be Belle’s person, please fill out an application on the website.
If you already have applied, please message that you are interested in Belle.
Her foster home is in the Woodlands.



NEW DOG .. Belle La., STAR # 1311
14 mo. old Black tri female.. turn in from college student, vet visit tomorrow.. we know nothing yet.. should be ready around the first week in May.. Foster home is in the Woodlands.