Fascinating Aussie Facts

Aussie’s are loyal, playful, and highly affectionate pets who love the outdoors and exercise.


The following 10 facts are important for new Aussie owners to keep in mind:

  1. Humans Need Guidance

At least that’s what your Aussie believes.  If he or she sees you running, you will immediately be helpfully “herded” by your canine companion.  While this is fun for us adults, be careful letting small children (and especially children under the age of 5) run freely in front of your dog.

2. Aussie See, Aussie Do

Forget about monkeys.  Aussies rank among the world’s most acute visual learners.  As a sight-based herding dog, your Aussie learns almost completely through observation. Be mindful of this when working in your garden or digging in your yard.

3. Fur Warms the Heart

Aussies shed continuously year round.  Think of your constantly coated home and furnishings as a reminder of how warmly loved you are by your companion.

4.Toys and Tugs

Aussies are toy hoarders.  They have an almost human view of ownership.  While willing to share their toys with other dogs and people, they will also remind you that the toy is ultimately theirs.  So don’t be surprised if you pick up a toy left on the floor and suddenly find yourself playing tug of war!

 5. Don’t Be Stuffy

We like to think that Aussies are so down to earth that they hate anything “stuffy”–especially stuffed animals.  Regardless of the size or type of stuffed animal you bring home, the outcome will always be the same- a rapid unstuffing and deflation of the same.

6.Internal Dinner Clock

Have you heard the term “biological clock?” In Aussie, this refers to dinner time. You will be reminded daily of this time with a steady gaze and doggie smile that herds you to the food bowl.

7.Herders Need Company

While your new Aussie will no doubt love both you and your companionship, he or she will always have an innate and special affinity for other dogs.
8. Blue Eyes Beaming

Like some humans, many Aussies have bright blue eyes. Just like humans, too, they can see 20/20 out of these eyes and are by NO means blind.

9. Bobtail Boogie

The short tails of Aussies give new meaning to the term “wag the dog” as the entire backside of the animal gyrates when excited.

10.Actively Seeking Activities

Your Aussie lives an active life that can’t slow down. Either you challenge your dog with daily activities, or he or she will challenge you.