ADOPTED .. Whiskey aka Mickey, STAR # 1381

ADOPTED.. Whiskey aka Mickey, STAR # 1381..

Mickey has finally found a home in Austin with the Erck family.. They will have their hands full with training this sweet energetic boy.. Many thanks to Liz and Matt for fostering Mickey..

AVAILABLE DOG.. Whiskey aka Mickey, STAR # 1381
Mickey is a delightful 10 month old pup.  He loves to be with people and will crawl into your lap at the slightest hint of an invitation.  He has shown some initial tentativeness with strangers, but once he gets the “Ok” he then welcomes attention from them.  He and his foster brother love to wrestle and play chase.  He plays rough so should have playmates his size and energy level.

Mickey does not seem to mind his crate and will go in to rest on his own.  He has been given all house privileges when we are at home, and at night sleeps uncrated.  Initially he peed in the house on a few occasions but that stopped after the first week.

At this time, he is not good with small animals, cats or small children that he will attempt to herd.

Mickey is a smart, active boy who loves car rides, walks and playing.  He will need training and direction and will make a wonderful life time companion.

Mickey’s foster home is in San Antonio.. He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and
microchipped.. If you would like to meet Mickey,  please submit an application..





NEW DOG.. Whiskey, STAR # 1365

Small black tri male accused of destroying the backyard.. He is less than a year old.. He will come inside and learn manners.. He also needs to be vetted.. Whiskey will be evaluated and fostered in San Antonio.. He will be available near the middle of December..