ADOPTED.. Shelby II, STAR # 1409

ADOPTED..Shelby, STAR # 1409

Shelby was returned to STAR because her mom passed away.. Now she will be spending her golden years with STAR Sunny/aka Casey and his mom, Susan.. Congratulations everyone.. Thanks to Lucinda for fostering Shelby..



AVAILABLE DOG.. Shelby II, STAR # 1409

Please help us find Senior Shelby a forever spot.. She is a good girl.. just needs a place since her mom passed..
Below is her bio..

“Hello Everyone! My name is Shelby II and I am a senior girl looking for a home. Sadly, my mom died about five weeks ago and left me with this nice lady that knew my mom. At my previous home of many years, we lived like hermits. My mom, three other small dogs, 10 parakeets and me. No one came to visit and strangers were just that, strange and scary!!!! I barked and growled at them!!!

The past five weeks have been a great experience for me. At age 12, I have learned to party! People are good, all dogs are good and always have been, (well, pushy females not so much), and life is good! Have had my dental work done , vaccinations updated, and I am heartworm negative as well. I have lost two pounds and now weigh 40 lbs. so I am looking much trimmer and fitter than when I arrived.

My foster mom loves that I have had no accidents in the house, I do not climb on the furniture, go up the stairs, or push into where I am not wanted. I do LOVE my pets and kisses though! I have learned that grooming is good, and baths, well, I feel good afterward and it is nice to be clean:). I only bark occasionally when it is really needed, at least that’s the way I see it!

I am looking for a home where I can be walked up to a mile in the morning, nap afterward, have two square meals a day, and be your companion and best friend until the end of my days. I love my brothers, and occasionally, we play a short round of tug after breakfast some days! Oh, and a yard with squirrels to chase would really be cool! Not to old to get me some squirrel!!!

I am looking forward to meeting my future home as soon as possible. I have some good time left to love you, so let’s get started!”
Adoption fee adjusted.. Send an application from our website.. Her foster home is in Houston..




NEW DOG.. Shelby II, STAR # 1409..

Shelby is 11-12 yrs., 42 lbs. totally up to date on her vet work .. Watch for her bio soon in Available dogs.. Her foster home is in Houston..