ADOPTED.. Ruston, STAR # 1331

ADOPTED.. Ruston, STAR # 1331

Ruston has been adopted by the Powers family and will live in Northwest Houston.. First time Aussie owners.. this should be an adventure for everyone.. Thanks to Julie for picking up Ruston and for fostering.. Thanks to Don for the home visit..and thanks to David for the excellent reference..





AVAILABLE DOG.. Ruston, STAR # 1331..

Ruston is just under 40 lbs. and approximately 2-3 years old.. He was picked up after wandering in Angleton for quite some time. He is a “diamond in the ruff”… Here’s what his foster mom has to say about Rusty..
“This will give you an idea of what Rusty is all about. He should be
easy to place when the time comes.

Hey Texas, I’m Ruston, or “Rusty”, and my foster Mom says “have a camera ready when I’m around”. She thinks I’m cute, funny, smart, & important for a 3 yr old…..( she saw a movie once with that line in it). I love to play ball,  frisbee,  tug-of-war,  go car riding and when I’m on a walk I’ve learned to “walk on” when there’s another dog behind a fence.  I’m not afraid of horses, or cats, I do know to sit on command, I’ll come when called, and I bark if someone tries to take my stuffed toys from me.  Just say ‘HEY’ and I’m smilin’.

I’m improving on social skills because Mom didn’t like it when I tried to steal the other dogs food. She makes me sit before and after a meal, and uses some kind of ‘silent standoff’ that works if I misbehave.  She uses the same technique when another dog comes on property so my act doesn’t fool anybody……Goodbyes, or good nights, are sad times, but I’ll crate quietly anyway. I always ‘go potty’ outside, and I don’t jump on people. I’m a ‘good kid’ so fill out an application and come play with me. I promise I’ll let you figure me out.”

Rusty’s foster home is in Cypress.. Applications can be found on our website or if you have already applied, simply message this page.







NEW DOG.. Ruston, STAR # 1331

After seen for weeks wandering in Angleton, Ruston was caught and sent to STAR.. No identification.. Our vet guesses 3 years and a very thin 36 lbs. He is HW-..  He will be neutered and vetted.. Like all our found dogs.. If this is your dog, please present photos and vet records and be willing to pay for expenses incurred by STAR.. Otherwise we will find him an indoor home.. His foster home will be in Cypress..He should be ready for adoption around the middle of July..