ADOPTED.. Ranger IV, STAR # 1417

ADOPTED.. Ranger IV, STAR # 1417

After months in foster care, Ranger has been adopted by Robert and Sharon and their two Aussies, Kaiya and Blades and will live in San Marcos.. Robert is the kindest man who has taken the time to go and visit with Ranger for the past three weeks in order to gain his trust.. Huge thanks to Ranger’s foster family,  the Pedros who were so dedicated to his rehabilitation..





AVAILABLE DOG.. Ranger IV, STAR # 1417

Hi, my name is Ranger and I am sort-of, kind-of looking for my forever family. I was born a cute and cuddly puppy and joined a family with another cute and cuddly puppy, Cowboy. We were kind of like the Dynamic Duo (I like to believe I was Batman, but my foster mom thinks I am actually Robin). Due to being full of fun (i.e. energy) we were made to spend our lives living outside, but we made sure to have loads of fun just the two of us. We had a smaller furry sibling who got to live inside our house and we loved to play with her when we had the chance. Unfortunately, our home life changed and our family couldn’t take my brother and me. That’s when South Texas Aussie Rescue jumped in and claimed us. I am so glad they did because I got to move inside and start living the sweet life. I made sure not to waste any time adjusting to life indoors. I’m a really, really good boy…. I’m housetrained and crate trained, and I’m not destructive, either. I will admit I am a carb-o-holic and my only vice is trying to steal loaves of bread. I am not interested in anything else so my foster mom has started to keep the bread in a cabinet. I still can’t figure out why carbs are so bad. My foster home has 4 other dogs in it and I love being with them. I share toys with them and even don’t mind when the young puppy takes the toy I’m playing with. I am really just a happy boy!

My foster mom thinks I am really goofy and definitely a velcro dog. I love being close to my foster family and will hop like a bunny with excitement when I get let out of my crate and play with them. I sometimes will try to nip when I get excited, but we are working on that and I am starting to learn. I just get so excited to see some of my favorite people. I think my favorite thing could become sleeping in bed next to someone, but my foster mom tells me for now I get to enjoy my personal space in my crate.

I am still getting used to new people. I have some of my favorite people (my foster family) that I love to be with but since I didn’t get socialized much early on, I am learning that new people can be just as cool as my foster dad. I am still learning about the big wide world outside of the backyard that I knew for the first 2 years. I am meeting more and more people at my foster’s house and have learned that my trainer, Jessica, is great and she takes me and introduces me to new people too. I love trips to new places and my foster dad is always trying to introduce me to as many people as he can. I still am learning not to bark at new people. I do have manners… I am just learning how to use them in public.

I know how to walk great on a leash, heel, sit, down, shake, high five, roll over… basically I am great and am looking for a family who are going to show me just how great they are too.

My foster mom says I require patience as I adjust to new people and a forever family who are committed to intentionally providing me with constant growth as I meet new people. I am a great dog, but have a hard time knowing how great people are.

Above all else, I’m looking for a family that will do one thing (ONE thing, just one!): commit to me fully. You see, lots of people will look and say I am a handsome dog (and they are right!), and some will even meet me, but only the special ones will accept this challenge (aka me!). Many will think I’m a problem, that I’m too much work. And really, I’m not, I just need someone to love me as I learn to love you back and love all the new people we are going to meet. I love being out and about, I really do!

So if your sort-of, kind-of wanting to meet me, let STAR know. My foster mom says I am very awesome and she promises I will only get adopted by someone just as awesome as me.  Ranger is a 45 lbs. 2 year old black tri male.. He is fully vetted.. neutered and vaccinations, HW- and microchipped.. Ranger’s foster home is in Schertz






NEW DOG… Ranger IV, STAR #1417

Ranger IV and his brother Cowboy III were picked up at Austin Animal Control..He is approx. 2.5 years old and weighs 46 lbs.  Both boys are need socialization and further evaluation.  They should be available for adoption around the first of September..  Ranger’s  foster home is in Schertz, TX. ..

UPDATE.. STAR is working hard with Ranger and his attitude when meeting strangers in his home.. At this time, he seems to be improving.. but we are not comfortable with placing him.  Like Cowboy, he is fearful..