ADOPTED.. Priscilla, STAR # 1379

ADOPTED.. Priscilla, STAR # 1379..

Priscilla came to STAR from the Pearl River SPCA in Picayune, Mississippi.   Today she was adopted by the Emerson family who will have their hands full with a busy puppy and friend for Cramer, Class of 2015.. Thanks to fosters.. the Jones family initially and then to the Hart family and their girls who had to say good bye..





AVAILABLE DOG.. Priscilla, STAR # 1379

Please read bio from foster mom and comments carefully…

“This is Priscilla! She is a super sweet 1 year old. Priscilla is a great girl. She is crate trained, house broken, and she knows how to sit. She walks ok on a leash, but is so interested in what is going on around her that she walks in a zig zag rather than a straight line! With a little practice though she will be a leash pro. She listens really well and comes to me when I call her. She does not mind getting completely filthy but she absolutely HATES getting hosed off.

Priscilla’s normal day includes waking up my kids by jumping on their beds and while they are getting ready for school, she alternates between sitting with them on the couch and paying with my male Aussie, Boomer. She loves having a playmate and they run around the yard together very happily. Priscilla sometimes has trouble taking cues and can be relentless so she will need a sturdy playmate. As much as she likes playing, she also enjoys sleeping. She takes several long naps during the day when it is quiet. Around 8 at night, she gets very sleepy and curls up on the couch or bed with me. She sleeps soundly through the night in her crate but would also be very happy to share a bed!

Priscilla easily meets all kinds of people. She absolutely ADORES kids and likes to snuggle with them and play with them. She can still be a little mouthy (because she is still a baby), but she stops quickly with a quick “uh-uh” or “no ma’am.” She can be distracted by a chew approved toy. She does snoop through my kids’ rooms and finds little plastic things to chew on, but she gives them up easily. She is not sneaky about chewing on things like hair ties so I don’t worry about her getting something and me not knowing about it!

All in all, she is just fantastic! She is definitely a young dog and will need continued guidance, but she is already pretty perfect! We think the world of her!””

Priscilla is a one year old red bi female weighing approx. 42 lbs. She is very high energy and very young.. At this time, we are sure she needs sturdy playmate and lots of training.. Her temperament is sweet and her personality is fun.. She loves all people and would be good with older kids..or grandkids.. Submit an application on our website.. or if you already have one contact us.. Please do not apply for this dog if you cannot spend the time she needs with her.. She will not do well in a crate all day..





NEW DOG.. Priscilla, STAR # 1379

One year old red bi female weighing approx. 38 lbs. A Southern belle from the Pearl River SPCA in Mississippi.. She has been vetted and will be fostered and evaluated in Clear Lake.. Priscilla should be available for adoption around the middle of February..