ADOPTED…. Penny Copper, STAR # 1396


ADOPTED.. Penny Copper, STAR # 1396..

Penny has had a long road to adoption.. First she needed surgery for her snorting.. then her foster mom needed surgery.. another foster home and then finally Julie’s house.. where she got the care and evaluation needed.. One more stop at her forever home with Gerry and Candace.. and their family.. Thanks to Gaylene and Christine as well as Julie for taking such good care of Penny..





AVAILABLE DOG.. Penny Copper, STAR # 1396

“Hello my name is Penny Copper.

I am a shy but happy Red Tri-colored 50 lb. 4 year old spayed female. I am current on all of my vaccinations and microchipped.. Recently I had surgery for a collapsed palette and I feel so much better.. no more snorting !!..”

It has taken STAR a while to figure out just what Penny Copper is all about. Here’s HER story, and she’s stickin’ to it.

“3 months ago I came to STAR – folks I was a wreck. I had been with a family since I was 2 months old. They had great kids, and two other female dogs. I guess sometimes I got a little protective when those

‘other women’ got close to the kids. Then I needed surgery for an elongated palette, so off to STAR I went. STAR got me looking beautiful; they’re the best.

In the midst of all my stuff my foster Mom had to undergo her own surgery so I was transferred back and forth between foster homes for a while. Now I’m being looked up and down by a new lady who’s watching a ‘hot spot’ on my side (it has healed and the hair is coming back nicely, thank you) .

I have some things to confess. When I meet new people I bark, but I settle down real quick – I just want them to know I’m around. When I meet new dogs SOMETIMES I say ‘grrr’, but I let them come in and play anyway . When someone runs by the yard I run with them and bark. I think it’s normal dog stuff, because my foster dogs do it too. This foster Mom says I’m an ‘angel’. I go to doggie daycare and they think I’m ‘precious…….’ So I must be getting the picture.

I can’t live in an apartment because I do bark. I’ll stay close to you, I’ll be the best pal you’ll ever have, to know me is to love me, so COME ON OVER to Cypress – I’m settled and waiting for a home with a loving Mom, or Dad, maybe a pal or two to play with, and I promise to be a perfect girl ‘most of the time’. Fill out an application I’m waiting……”







NEW DOG.. Penny Copper, STAR # 1396..

Penny is a five year old red tri female.. 55 lbs and “semi-chunky” ..Not good with smaller dogs.. She seems to be very sweet.. She will be fully vetted and evaluated.. Her foster home is in Tomball.. She should be available for adoption near the middle of April.