AVAILABLE DOG. Penny Copper, STAR # 1396

AVAILABLE DOG.. Penny Copper, STAR # 1396

“Hello my name is Penny Copper.

I am a shy but happy Red Tri-colored 50 lb. 4 year old spayed female. I am current on all of my vaccinations and microchipped.. Recently I had surgery for a collapsed palette and I feel so much better.. no more snorting !!

I am a great companion as I like to be at home. More than anything I love to be touched, petted and scratched ! I’m happy to be at your side, at your feet or under the bed, chair or table as I like small places. If you want me next to you, you will need to encourage me to get on the couch or bed as I have been trained not to get on furniture.

I am happy and joyful to be outside with you but please don’t leave me there for long. I would rather be in the house or crate or your car than to be outside by myself. Ohhhh, car rides!!!! There really isn’t anything more FUN, for I love car rides. In my foster home whenever I go outside I immediately run to the car first, just in case we will be going on a car ride. If no car ride is planned, I then follow around my foster dog-friend just in case he wants me to tell him what to do. I am happy to go for a walk but I do need a little more work on this, but I am improving.

I have excellent housemanners.. I am thoroughly housebroken and crate trained, and very polite and quiet unless the doorbell rings!! The doorbell means visitors and I’m not sure about visitors. Do we really need visitors? It is okay if we do but I need to be introduced to strangers before I will like them in our home. In addition, I would really like to be the only dog in your home.. I need to protect you, and my home and that is hard to do with pesky other dogs wanting your attention. My new owner will get my complete and devoted attention!!

On the fun side of things, I am learning how to play with toys. I think the first thing that you do is take off their heads. Right? Then you pull out all the white stuff? Anyway, I will need a couple of new toys to practice on.”

Penny is a typical 4 year old Aussie female.. She has her own agenda.. She keeps a list and hopefully you will be able to add your name..

She is totally devoted to her foster mom.. She lives with a large male Aussie who could care less who’s in charge..
She is a sweet and affectionate dog.. We know she is too bossy for small dogs.. Visitors have to be properly introduced..

If you are looking for a velcro girl and would like to meet Penny, please go to the website, read about adoption and fill out an application.. If you already have an application, contact us to see if you are a match.. Her foster home is in the Woodlands..





NEW DOG.. Penny Copper, STAR # 1396..

Penny is a five year old red tri female.. 55 lbs and “semi-chunky” ..Not good with smaller dogs.. She seems to be very sweet.. She will be fully vetted and evaluated.. Her foster home is in Tomball.. She should be available for adoption near the middle of April.