ADOPTED… Molly II, STAR # 1358

 ADOPTED..Molly II, STAR # 1358

After months of medical issues including heartworms, our sweet Molly has found a home and a purpose.. She will live with the McGinley family in Magnolia and be the their constant companion.. If fact, she has already been put to work
Thank you to the Carpenters, her wonderful foster family who made this new home possible for Molly..






Below is the bio for Molly II written by her foster mom.. We hope that you will consider Molly.. We are fairly sure that her minor incontinence caused her to be left outside for most of herife.. A simple inexpensive pill had fixed the problem.. Despite everything, this is a sweet and loving dog..

“Molly II came to STAR last November not in very good shape..   She had spent all of her time outside and her coat was in dreadlocks.. She had heartworms, a urinary tract infection and ear infections.  Now that she is undergone treatment for everything… she is a happy, loving, very velcro Aussie.  She has learned to like her crate and goes in willingly whenever we leave or at bedtime. Molly II is in love with my husband and will wait at the window when he leaves and is so happy when he returns.

We go on at least two walks a day, even when it’s cold. She is not interested in playing ball or wrestling with my dogs but hangs out with them and follows them around. She doesn’t play fetch or jump up on things (like people and furniture).  We are helping

Molly with a couple of minor problems.. She has some arthritis and is receiving a supplement.. She also takes a very inexpensive pill each day to prevent incontinence and it is working perfectly.

Molly II will make a very good companion for someone who wants a quiet dog who loves kids, cats and other dogs. She is very happy sitting by your side or following her favorite person around the house. She has responded well to our training with sit, leash walking and crating.  Molly II is not the typical aussie with a lot of energy but she is all aussie as far as being loving, loyal and smart.”

The vet guessed that Molly is only 6 years old.. She weighs about 45 lbs. and her coatis growing back curly and shiny..

If you are interested in meeting Molly, please submit an application on our website.. Ifyou already have an application, please simply contact STAR..








NEW DOG.. Molly II, STAR # 1358

Molly is approximately 4-5 years old and weighs 50 lbs.. Her coat was in dreadlocks and sadly had to be shaved.. She is Heartworm positive.. Despite it all, she has a wonderful sweet personality.. Molly should be available for adoption some time in January.. Her foster home is in the Woodlands.