ADOPTED .. Levi, STAR # 1347


ADOPTED.. Levi Red, STAR # 1347

Sweet older boy that needed a new home has found his forever home with Terri.. They will live in Ft.Worth.. where she has NO cats.. !!! He will be Terri’s new best friend.. such a good dog ..
Thanks to Terry and Zee for fostering this boy.. a really hard one to give up..





Levi is a senior dog that STAR took in recently because his owner was being treated for cancer.. He will be 10 in December and weighs around 50 lbs. His foster home is in the Houston Heights.. Here is what his foster dad says about Levi..

“After meeting and seeing how Levi acts and plays, no one would every guess he is close to ten years old, he bats the wobble ball around the house until it goes under a piece of furniture and plays with squeaky toys. His previous owners took extremely good care of him and trained him to be a well mannered dog, as most times he waits to be asked to go in or out the door, people go thru first, not dogs. He will just l stand by me with his head on my leg to get petted; he’s a snuggler and will lay right up against you in bed. He’s great on the leash, is crate trained and housebroken.. He seems to get along with other dogs, but not CATS.
He and our Bella continue to play” fight” together and a little bit of chase in our small backyard. Levi is fine with strangers coming in the house, he simply likes everyone, even kids. He’s going to make someone a great companion dog..”

Levi is neutered, chipped and current on all vaccinations.. Because of his age his adoption fee will be adjusted..One more thing..He has been shaved giving him a teddy bear appearance.. He has a beautiful long red coat.






NEW DOG.. Levi Red, STAR # 1347

Levi is a Senior dog but a very young 10.. His owner is very sick and allergic to him now.. He was rehomed once but they discovered he is definitely not good with cats.. Levi weighs less than 50 lbs. Is current on vaccinations.. Will be chipped.. He is a very good obedient companion.. Adoption fee will be adjusted.. His foster home is in the Heights where he will be reevaluated.. Should be available after the first of October..