ADOPTED.. Kip, STAR # 1420

ADOPTED.. Kip, STAR # 1420

A second chance for this happy little guy with the Frost family in Austin.. Many thanks to Jenna for the home visit and to his foster mom Ashley.. great job..






Hi, I’m Kip! I’m a very loving boy who wants nothing more than to be by your side all day long—whether we’re taking walks, throwing toys in the back yard, or just hanging out around the house. And because I want to please you and be with you, I have amazing recall and won’t pretend I can’t hear you when you call me (like naughty dogs do).

I get along with other dogs, but I’m on my best behavior with the ones who are my size (40 pounds) or larger because sometimes I like to play a little rough. I’m great on a leash, housebroken, crate trained, nice to all people, and mostly curious about cats. Sometimes I get a little too excited when we’re playing and can give you nips on the hand or elbow—but I do this a lot less when I’ve already burned some energy off. For that reason, though, it’s probably best if I don’t live with small children.

My foster mom thinks I have the personality of a mirror because any time I’m around other dogs, I mimic their energy level and habits. So if you already have a dog and want someone who will behave similarly to him/her, I might be your guy. You’ll just have to be patient with me while I settle in because I am anxious you might abandon me (based on my previous experiences).

I don’t have many demands: I would be happy in either a house or an apartment as long as I get to take a walk every day or two, and it’s VERY important to me that you spoil me with wet food because I am stubborn enough to go on an extended hunger strike until you cave. Otherwise, I’m a pretty easy keeper who will happily (devotedly) follow you around wherever you want to go.

Kip is 5 years old .. His foster home is in Clear Lake..





NEW OLD DOG.. Kip, STAR # 1420

So it’s happened again.. Kip was adopted in 2014 at the age of one.. He was dropped off at the SPCA last week and returned to STAR through his chip which was never registered.. The owner said they were moving.. Kip is now 5 years.. 35 lbs.. He is fully vetted and will be reevaluated in his foster home in Clear Lake.