ADOPTED… Khiloh, STAR # 1384

ADOPTED.. Khiloh, STAR # 1384

Khiloh is headed to Austin with Doug and Diane.. He is a beautiful dog and what they were looking for.. More importantly they will be there when he needs them.. Thanks to Carey for the home visit and congratulations to our newest foster home Jordan for a job well done..

Khiloh is a sweet black tri boy weighing approximately 50 lbs. and almost two years old.. Here is what his foster mom says about him..”Khiloh is almost two years old and full of personality. When he first came to us, he did not know basic commands and loved to counter surf. His previous owners did not have enough time for him, but took care of him the best they could. In the weeks we’ve had him, he has shown us that he is very loving, smart, clingy, and stubborn. He gets along well with other dogs his size, but not smaller dogs or cats. His previous owners stated he was good with children of all ages, though we do not have children in our home to verify. His personality shows this may be true, however.
He would do best in a home either by himself or with another medium to large dog. He is very needy and demands your full attention. He is very skilled at slipping collars and will not recall. (solution would be a halter and training)He specifically will walk away from you if you do try to coerce him. He would need a lot more training before he’d be ready for going on the trail or to dog parks. He would do best as a companion that does not venture further than your backyard. What he desires most is to lay on the couch next to you with a Kong. He is completely content with afternoon naps on the couch curled up next to you. He needs a home in which there will almost always be someone around with him, as he gets stressed when he is alone. Since we took him in, he has learned “sit,” “no,” “down” (as in to get off of the counter or other people, and “get away from there.” Overall, he is a great dog but is a work in progress, and though he has made significant improvement, will need further work before he will be a well-rounded companion. I do think he is ready to go to his forever home, as long as his new owners continue his training.”
So Khiloh will need a home with someone that is only gone a few hours at a time that he can be comfortably crated.. With continued training and confidence that comes with a special person in his life, he will be a great companion.. His foster home is in San Antonio.. Please go the website, read about adopting from STAR and submit an application if you would like to meet Khiloh.. Or if you already have an application, please contact us





NEW DOG.. Khiloh, STAR # 1384

Khiloh is from the Corpus Christi area.. He needs a family that does not work all the time..     He will be two in May and weighs close to 50 lbs.  Khiloh has been well taken care of and has excellent manners.. He will need to be vetted and evaluated by his foster home in  San Antonio.. He should be available for adoption the second week in March.. pending heartworm testing.