ADOPTED .. Keeper Home, STAR # 1332


Keeper Houma,  STAR 1332 has moved to east TX with Mack  and his other STAR dog, Rayne.  Keeper is from Houma, La. and Rayne is from Rayne, La..  We do get great dogs from there.. We think Keeper is a “ruby” in the rough and cannot wait to see how she changes over time.  Thanks to our wonderful transport team and of course, her fabulous foster mom..





AVAILABLE DOG.. Keeper Home, STAR # 1332

Meet Keeper..

Found near Houma, La., her rescuers report seeing her running loose for at least 4-5 months.. Only when she was seen “dancing” on the highway did they take action and catch her.. Keeper came to STAR with a Urinary Tract Infection, Intestinal Worms and Heartworms.. She was beyond skinny as you could see every bone in her body.. While her coat should have been a beautiful chestnut, it was faded and broken off. She is now totally healthy..spayed, vaccinated and chipped and starting to gain some weight.

Keeper has had to learn everything..

Amazingly she is very friendly with people and other dogs. She loves to play rough with the two year old male here, is respectful of the older male and is very interested in the little dog.. Keeper is untested with cats and children..

She loves toys and can entertain herself with a toy basket..She also loves to play tug with another dog.. She can settle down and be quiet when the time is right.

She had never been in a house. She has learned sit, down, and is working on shake in just the last week.. She also has a wait and kennel in her vocabulary.. A clicker and a treat will work miracles.. We are also working on her recall as she would much rather chase the squirrels up a tree than come inside.. She is cratetrained with a treat.
Her house manners are vastly improved.. no accidents in two weeks as she is finally healthy….Lots of treats are involved with all aspects of her training.

She’s still terrible on a leash.. wrapping herself around you as you walk….we have not taken any walks in this heat.. Also she jumps up to greet you initially.. We are working on ignoring this behavior and asking her to sit instead for treats and affection.

Let’s face it.. she has a long way to go.. She needs someone dedicated
to teaching her what to do. She needs someone to bond with because she has led an independent life entirely too long.. making her own decisions.

The vet guessed her to be 4 years old based on her appearance, but seeing how playful she is, she could easily be younger.. and her teeth are very white. At this time, she weighs 40 lbs. but could easily gain 5-7 lbs.

So Keeper is looking for a very patient person interested in polishing this “ruby dog” and coming up with a gem. If you would like to meet Keeper, please fill out an application and face the scrutiny of her foster mom who only wants the very best to fulfill her unlimited potential..

Her foster home is in N. W. Houston where you will have to come to meet her..







NEW DOG.. Keeper Home, STAR # 1332

Keeper was found dancing on the highway near Houma, La. She had apparently been wandering for several months.. Close to 2 years and is 40 lbs.. She is in rough shape but is now at vet for what’s needed.. She’s HW+, so she should be available near the end of August.. or first of September..Her foster home is in N. W. Houston.