ADOPTED… Harper, STAR # 1372

ADOPTED.. Harper, STAR # 1372

Happy days are here for Harper.. the second of our dogs from the breeder who was downsizing.. Harper has a lot to learn about people and the big wide world.. She has come far during her time in foster care and still has a long way to go..
Thank you Ashley for adopting Harper and being willing to be patient..Thanks to ARPH for sending us Harper, to Liane for transport and especially to Terry and Zee for fostering..

AVAILABLE DOG… Harper, STAR # 1372
Harper is a 42 lb. one and half year old black bi female that came to STAR as the result of a breeder downsizing.. She is just now learning what the world is about.. Here is what her foster dad says about Harper..”Harper has made so much progress from the “pancake dog” I received almost 8 weeks ago.  It has been like watching a puppy discover “life as a dog.”  Of course she is still experiencing lots of things for the first time.  She is becoming a very sweet and devoted companion to me, however still shy times.  I believe that will diminish over time with her new owner.
She has not been destructive of anything; even things she likes to pilfer from the clothes hamper; it’s more the fun of sneaking and taking it. She of course loves her crate, but we have been keeping it closed at times to encourage her socialize and be part of the family.
It is her “job” every day to get all the dog toys out and a scatter them across the dining room floor. Harper gets really excited (stands on her hind legs) whenever I first mention “going out front” !!! It’s a routine we started each morning to get the paper.
She is still wary of strangers…not bothered by new dogs nor is aggressive towards them. She doesn’t know any cats or children.. Harper would be a great one dog companion; if not left alone for long periods everyday (she’s already been there, done that and I don’t want it to happen to her again). She will probably do great with another playful dog, as she has
with her foster Aussie sister, Bella.. Harper is now well adjusted enough to go on and start a new life with her “forever home & family”.  They will be lucky enough to be getting a rare black Aussie frog dog !!! “

If you are interested in meeting Harper, please go to the website and submit an application. If you already have an application, please contact this page.. Harper’s foster home is located in Houston in the Heights.






NEW DOG.. Harper, STAR # 1372

The second of the dogs from the breeder intake.. We think she is near 2 years and 42 lbs. with the “blackist coat” ever.. She is a black bi.. Harper is fully vetted and microchipped.. HW -… Shy little girl that is adjusting to life in the big city..Her foster home is in the Heights ..She should be available near the middle of January.