AVAILABLE DOG.. Evie,  STAR # 1434
A note from Evie’s foster mom..
Her name is Evie.. or Evie Knievel.. or Evil Evie..or
Stop it..
Actually all of those..She is a nine mo. old female
around 40 lbs. and a VERY busy girl..
She could leap tall buildings..if she wanted to..
Yet Evie is sweet and adorable.. She is confident.. She loves
everyone.. dogs and people.. especially her person..
She needs DAILY exercise and training..
She is a project but could do or be anything.. She is so
smart and happy..
She will need a very sturdy playmate.. or one that can tell
her to knock it off..because she can be relentless..
We are working on her jumping.. praising her for sitting instead and
she is clearly proud of herself when she remembers..
She will need to be supervised as she has been known to select
from the floor items to chew on.. maybe your shoes..she is
very much a puppy..
Evie is not a dog for an apartment.. She needs a yard to play in
and run like the wind..She loves walks and is pretty good on a leash..
Evie has perfect housemanners and does not mind being crated.
She sleeps quietly in her crate all night..
If you are interested in committing to Evie and her training..
she will be a great partner and companion.. The application is on the STAR website and her foster home is in Houston..






NEW DOG…. Evie, STAR # 1434

Nine month old black tri female, 39 lbs., fully vetted.. and microchipped.. She was picked up at BARC.. Her foster home is in N. W. Houston and she will be available toward the end of October.. She is a VERY busy girl.. just right for dog sports or someone who wants a project..