ADOPTED .. Buddy Breckenridge, STAR # 1439

Adopted.. Buddy Breckenridge, STAR # 1439

Buddy got a lot of notice when we listed him.. .. STAR was contacted immediately by past adopters, the Smith family.. Buddy will have Aussie siblings.. Bandi and Ranger II, Class of 2014.. Thanks to Mack and Carey for the transport and to Carey for fostering..

Buddy is the best dog.. He is well behaved and easy.. He had an adoption set up that fell through when someone got sick.. Now he is starting all over.. we are looking for just the right home.. Buddy’s foster home is in Austin.. Below is what she wrote about him.. If interested in meeting Buddy, send us an application or if you already have one, contact us on this page or the website..

Hello, my name is Buddy. I’m about 4 years old – I can’t quite remember my birthday since I’ve tried to forget so much of my first life before I met my last owner.

My last owner was so sweet. She shared her dinners with me (too many) and made me my own blanket. It took me a few days to settle in with my foster family – there are lots of other dogs and they are WAY more energetic than me! I do like to play with them sometimes, but I’d rather just be with my human or napping somewhere I feel safe, like under the table or chairs.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like to travel! I have a hard time getting into the car (believe it or not, jumping is not something I’m all that interested in doing) but once I’m in, I like to watch out the window and smile at every passing car. I also have so much fun going wherever my family does! I’ve been shopping at hardware stores and retail stores that allow dogs, and I am such a good boy. I like to meet new people and they get my best Aussie smile!

I am also a very good boy at home. I’m very reliable and will even tell you I need to potty! I don’t try to get on the counter AT ALL (you’re just going to share all your food with me anyway, aren’t you?). I like squeaky toys and will play with them and trot around with them happily and I do NOT destroy toys. What’s the fun in ruining the things you like, am I right?!

I like going for walks, and foster mom says I need more of them to help me lose weight. I tell you, I just have really short legs, not a big belly!  I have lost four pounds already. She did give me some delicious freeze-dried nuggets that are very decadent, so I’m warming up to this diet change.

But, as much as I’m learning and experiencing in my foster home, I sure miss the peace and quiet of less dogs, and having to be insistent about getting attention from my foster pawrents. So I have to ask anyone reading this, do you have room for me?





NEW DOG.. Buddy Breckenridge, STAR # 1439

Four year old red tri male .. Will be vetted and fostered in Austin.. Should be available around the middle of November..