ADOPTED .. Arrow, STAR # 1342

ADOPTED.. Arrow, STAR # 1342

Eleven month old puppy adopted by Therese.. past adopter of Klara/aka Gracie, Class of 2017..Klara was one of our three puppies and she needed a brother badly.. They will all live near Dallas.. Another great job by foster mom, Julie..






AVAILABLE DOG.. Arrow, STAR # 1342

You’ve heard of  Cupid’s Arrow?   Pierce Arrow?  Straight Arrow? Guess what?  My name is just plain​ “Arrow”​.

I’m a 10 month old, lover boy, that runs like a top, but I sometimes forget my manners when I meet new folks. I like  to greet them with barking until they pet me, but Foster Mom is teaching me to sit before I get the petting, Grrrr ​.

I spent a lot of time in a crate, so I crate REALLY well, & I am house broken.

​You should know, I do have a bit of a stubborn streak, and even though I am working on responding to  commands  &  walking real well on leash, I may need some professional training & your finishing touches.
 I love being part of a pack, and play hard if I get the chance, ​ but would also love having all attention ‘aimed’ at me. My owner has to be patient,  like to play outside, teach me new things, and be home for dinner.  When I’m inside I  like  to chew on stuffed animals, rope toys, Kong toys ​& beef bones
during ‘quiet time’.  Outside I like  to chase big balls, rolling frisbees, &​

taunt my canine friends​.

 I’m waiting to meet my ‘Bow’, and find my target
​ oasis​, so please fill out an application and come say “Hi”
Arrow is 10 mos. old and weighs 37 lbs.   His foster home is in Cypress, Tx.






NEW DOG.. Arrow, STAR # 1342

10 mo. old black tri male.. 37 lbs., owner unable to take care of.. needs training.. HW-.Cute little guy… Foster home is in Cypress