ADOPTED… Bessie, STAR #1314

We have wondered what Bessie did to be dumped at MCAS by her owner.. as we found Bessie to be a wonderful smart loving dog.. She has been adopted by Jan who has experience with working dogs.. and who will provide the training and the love that Bessie needs to achieve her full potential.. Bessie comes from great working lines and has a bright future ahead of her.. Her foster mom will miss her terribly but knows she will be happy and fulfilled with Jan..

AVAILABLE DOG.. Bessie, STAR # 1314
Whoa Bessie !!!!
Bessie is a two year old black bi that weighs approximately 40 lbs…She has
a light coat and is slim, trim and built for speed..
The one who adopts Bessie will be
so lucky.. She loves her person and will be so much fun to train..She listens,
she focuses, and she wants to please you.. plus she is very
treat motivated.. She talks back.. she will
let you know she’s happy, to hurry up or “is that my dinner?”
and she will even let you know if she does not agree with you. 
Right now Bessie can sit, wait and shake… She jumps up and is trying
very hard to sit and wait for affection and her meals. 
She has a great recall..She needs practice on a leash.
She has been known to occasionally bark at strangers..
Totally housebroken.. Loves her crate, goes right in for a
treat and will stay there quietly..
Bessie enjoys her time off.. She might nap on the floor.. or play
with the other dogs.. she will get toys out of the toy basket
and toss one around the room.. sometimes ripping it to shreads..
sometimes not..She might get paper out of the trash. 
She is bossy.. the older male here ignores her when she gets
in his face.. the younger male loves to play with her..
I don’t like the way she looks
at the little dog, so I have kept my eye on her.  The little
dog will not back down.
Bessie is totally healthy now.. treated for heartworms.. spayed,
fully vaccinated and chipped.. She is ready to move on to the
fun part of her life.. she needs to participate and do something !!!
If you would like to be Bessie’s person, please fill out an application on
our website.. Her foster home is in Northwest Houston.





NEW DOG..Bessie, STAR # 1314..

Black bi female, 42 lbs. 2 years old.. Dropped off at MCAS..Sweet VERY busy girl from strong herding lines. Bessie will be treated for heartworms. Foster home in N. W. Houston. Ready near the first of June..