ADOPTED… Ollie Oh, STAR # 1425

ADOPTED.. Ollie Oh aka Mollie, STAR # 1425

Camille was looking for a dog to be her constant companion… nothing would make Mollie happier.. So today Camille and her daughter, Abigail met Mollie and adopted her.. Thanks to the Louisiana transport team of Misty and Pat and the STAR team of Amy and Julie..thanks to Lisa for the home visit.. Super special thanks to her foster mom Carrie..

AVAILABLE DOG.. Ollie Oh,STAR # 1425

“Hi there – my name is Ollie but my foster mom calls me Mollie – because she says I am too sweet of a girl to have such a boys name! Some nice lady found me chained up outside in the heat and talked to the owner about giving me up to STAR so I could find a good home with someone that would keep me inside and not chained up outside all the time! I love my foster home and have really become close to my foster mom and my foster brother and sister. I get along well with every dog I meet – I love meeting new people and new dogs – they are new people that I can share my love with – it’s so exciting!But there’s something I need to share with you: when I first got to my foster home I couldn’t find my foster mom because she had gone to work and jumped out of the fence to go meet the neighbor. She was getting in her car and I love to ride in cars so I thought she might take me for a ride! She called my foster mom and then took me back home. I’m really good and jumping fences! I can also jump back in but my foster mom has told me that’s not something I should be doing because there are things outside of the fence that can hurt me – as long as she is in the house – I don’t try to get out. My foster home has a dog door I go in and out of when I need to go potty or we (my foster brother and sister) hear something outside that we need to go check out! I haven’t tried to get out since those first few days but I am able to so if you want to meet me – you should know that I can get out of a fence if I really want to!!

I think I would really love agility or a job where I can focus on a task! I focus on things very well and I can run super fast but anytime my foster mom calls me I come running back to her quickly! Oh, I should also tell you that I am a red tri female, 3-4 years old (so I have gotten out of my crazy puppy phase) – mostly red with sweet brown eyes. I’m right at a healthy 40lbs and am pretty typical size for an aussie – not too big but not too little – and since I have been eating really healthy food my hair is so soft and shiny and I love to take a bath and get all clean and sweet-smelling.

Please let me know if you would like to meet me and see if you could be my “fur”ever home!”
Submit an application found on our website.. My foster home is in Buda.”