ADOPTED.. Jake Austin, STAR # 1395

ADOPTED.. Jake, STAR # 1395..
Adopted today by Rick and JoAnne, Jake will remain in Austin. They are past adopters who recently lost their STAR dog Oreo/aka Riley.. Many thanks to Carey for fostering and giving Jake the love and training he needed..





AVAILABLE DOG.. Jake Austin,  STAR # 1395

Jake came to STAR when his owner became very ill and was unable to take care of him.. He is a three year old red tri male that weighs approximately 45 lbs.

This is what his foster mom says about Jake..

“WAIT THAT’S ME. HI HI HI!!!! Who has a ball? Did I hear the doorbell? SQUIRREL!”

In a sentence, that is Jake. He loves to be a part of everything, all the time. If you want an Aussie who will jog with you, that’s Jake. If you want an Aussie to curl up with you on the couch and binge on a Netflix series, that’s Jake. If you want the Aussie that will clean off your counters of any leftovers, well, that’s also Jake.

He is a typical Aussie in that he loves to play, and fetch, and Frisbee, and swimming, and just doing whatever you want to do. He gets VERY excited for his walks, which we are working at making better for both Jake and whoever walks him. Foster dad has nicknamed him “FOMO” (for fear of missing out) since he is what you might call leash reactive.. not aggressive but more like OHMYGOODNESSANEWFRIEND.. and super interested in everything..

And that is Jake. “ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME AGAIN? WHAT DID I MISS??? IS THERE FOOD???”He is completely housebroken, loves people, is dog friendly (big and small!), and full of smiles and fun. He’s three years old, current on all of his vet work, and microchipped.. At 45 lbs., he’s also a little plump so has been dieting not too successfully since he’s a counter surfer. Never mind that he had reconstructive surgery on his front leg last year after being hit by a car – you’d never know it to see him jump and run!”

If you are interested in meeting Jake, please go to our STAR website, read about adoption and submit an application.. If you already have an application, contact us to see if you are a match.. His foster home is in Austin and will have final say in who adopts Jake..