ADOPTED.. Jacques, STAR # 1382

ADOPTED.. Jacques, STAR # 1382

Jacques aka Jokomo is moving to Dallas.. Just by chance, he and Manny are looking for the same thing.. a lifelong companion.. Manny has Aussie experience having trained his past Aussie.. Thanks to John for fostering Jacques..




AVAILABLE DOG.. Jacques, STAR # 1382


My name is Jokomo aka Jacques.. I am a red tri male puppy 14 mos.
old.. I weigh 65 lbs.. I think I heard my foster dad refer to me as
a huge klutzy dewfus.. ? That must be a good thing as I know
how much he loves me..

I want to play with all of the Aussies in my foster home..but they aren’t
much fun.. I will definitely need a sturdy playmate.. I don’t have much
use for small fru-fru dogs.. The indoor cats are not that interesting..
What I do love is the toy box.. wow.. I could empty that thing out
over and over.. Aside from toys, I could gather up something inappropriate, so you may need to put the good stuff away..

Did I mention I have a big bark !!! I use it to greet strangers
until I get to know them.. I am a super dooper alarm system..
My housemanners are new so you will have to keep me on a
schedule initially until I learn the rules.. (and where to go)
My crate training is also coming along.. I only bark a bit and then
settle down..

I have a lot to learn but I am more than willing to try if you are.”

So Jacques is a big puppy and all that comes with it.. He takes
a minute to trust newcomers.. He’s good with other dogs and the
indoor kitties.. He will need a sturdy playmate because of his
size and playfulness. He LOVES toys !! And he loves his foster
Dad.. He would not do well in an apartment because of his energy
level, size and loud bark..
This guy will be worth every bit of effort and time put into his
If you are interested in meeting Jacques, please go to the
website, read about Adoption and submit an application..
If you already have an application contact us to see if you
are a match..
His foster home is in Sweeny..